TFW - problems with georeferencing files

Some versions of IntelliCAD allow the insertion of a georeferenced raster without using KaliBro. The advice below refers to such versions (for unknown reasons, the latest versions of the most popular IntelliCAD have been stripped of this feature). It is possible to use only TFW files (specific to TIFF files), even when you want to insert a raster in another format. KaliBro, like many other programs, uses appropriate file extensions for the individual raster file formats with saved georeferences ( BMP - BPW, JPG - JGW). Saving georeferences with KaliBro may result in the inability to later use the georeference file to insert a raster, e.g. by another IntelliCAD user who does not have KaliBro. The georeference files have the same internal structure, so it is sufficient to change the extension of the corresponding file to TFW. You can also "force" KaliBro to save georeferences only with the TFW extension (regardless of the format of the raster itself). To do this, in the CAD Settings, on the IntelliCAD tab, enable the option: Use georeferences only with TFW extension.