Connection of the GNSS receiver with the QuickGNSS app

Before running the application for the first time, you have to pair your GNSS receiver with your Android device via Bluetooth. To do this: – Select Settings -> Bluetooth on the Android device, – Select the receiver you want to pair from the list of available devices. Pairing of other devices (such as distance meter, depth sounder etc.) with Bluetooth connection is performed in a similar way. NOTE: Some GNSS receivers may require additional software installation or other operations to pair with Android. In this case, the producer of the receiver should provide detailed instructions describing this process. After launching the QuickGNSS application, select the HARDWARE tab, then select the appropriate receiver from the drop-down list, then click CONNECT. Set Antenna offset – offset of the bottom of the antenna mount to the antenna phase center, taken into account when determining the height of the antenna. It’s specified by the producer of the GNSS receiver. Select NTRIP SETUP to configure the connection to reference station systems.