GeoView in a CAD drawing

Select CAD -> Send (draw) Before using these options you have to run a CAD program and open any drawing. SeeSelecting points After selecting the points to sent in the CAD drawing, select one of the options available from the drop-down list. Send (draw) -> Symbols (blocks) using Codes – sends (draws) symbols (MicroStation – cells, AutoCAD – blocks, etc.) in a CAD drawing. The symbols (blocks) must be defined in the drawing. In MicroStation, a * .CEL file containing cells corresponding with the codes used must be attached to the drawing. In CAD / DWG programs you can also specify a folder containing the necessary blocks. Send (draw) -> Active symbol (blocks) – inserts the name of the symbol (block) that will be used to draw the points. As above, the symbol must be defined. In MicroStation the active cell is drawn – MicroStation does not require specifying the name of the symbol.