BricsCAD Lite is a modern CAD alternative.


BricsCAD Lite is a modern CAD alternative. It is the optimal choice for surveyors, designers, architects and engineers. It is based on the standard dwg format. Bricscad Lite is a program designed for CAD design, in the 2D version. It impresses with numerous functions and excellent usability. It allows you to achieve your goals in an accessible and functional way.

How to buy the program?

If you are interested in purchasing BricsCAD, please contact us.


BricsCAD V21 licenses (net prices)

BricsCAD Lite – perpetual license
PLN 2,520.00

BricsCAD Lite including Maintenance – perpetual license
PLN 3,024.00

BricsCAD Pro – Perpetual License
PLN 5,000.00


Cubic&CAD promotion (net prices)

BricsCAD Lite with perpetual license of Cubic Orb Premium Package
PLN 8,146.00

BricsCAD Lite with an annual license of the Cubic Orb Premium Package + four months free!
PLN 4,203.00

Features of the program

  • perpetual license,
  • the ability to call commands in many ways, e.g. using the command line, classic menu and toolbars, modern ribbon or tool palette
  • offers all known CAD functionality plus full LISP support with support for vl-, vlr-, vla- and vlax-
  • easy integration and many powerful features
  • advanced rendering of project visualizations,
  • Ability to use associative dimensions, many dynamic tools and xref editing

Cubic Orb is a distributor of BricsCAD. The product we offer is compatible with Cubic Orb programs and is a competitive alternative to more expensive CAD programs. The program is available in the Polish language version.


Compatible with CubicOrb programs: