Compatible with all CubicOrb software


ActCAD is CAD software created by ActCAD LLC USA, a member of the Intellicad Technology Consortium (ITC), for 2D/3D design, distinguished by an economical price and a perpetual license. ActCAD offers modern, fast, innovative and advanced CAD solutions for surveyors, architects, designers of various industries, contractors and construction companies.

How to buy the program?

If you are interested in purchasing ActCAD, please contact us.

Features of the program

  • perpetual, annual, network, portable and cloud licenses,
  • independent license transfer – you can transfer the license for 1 seat any number of times yourself using the license transfer command,
  • modern interface – ActCAD offers the possibility of invoking commands in many ways, e.g. using the command line, classic menu and bars, modern ribbon or tool palette,
    annual manufacturer support,
  • easy implementation – thanks to a modern interface modeled on leading solutions, similar command syntax and work philosophy, the time needed to implement our product has been reduced to a minimum,
  • stable IntelliCAD 10.0A engine and the latest Open Design Alliance libraries – offer greater compatibility and better functionality, hardware acceleration based on OpenGL libraries means greater comfort of efficient work on any hardware,
  • Artisan 3D Professional Renderer tool – realistic rendering, 360° view, stage lighting, texture materials, etc.,
  • Free Extras – Point Cloud Import, Photorealistic Rendering – Artisan Renderer, Unit Converter, Open PDF Files for Editing, ActCAD DXF/DWG/DGN File Converter, Raster to Vector Converter, Block Library with 5000+ Symbols, etc.</li >

Cubic Orb is a distributor of TrueCAD and ActCAD. The products we offer are compatible with Cubic Orb programs and are a competitive alternative to more expensive CAD programs. The programs are available in the Polish language version.