CAD platform is not recognized by Cubic Orb’s software or a CAD platform works unstable

What should I do if a CAD program is not recognized by Cubic Orb’s program? If Cubic Orb’s program does not detect a running CAD platform (which may take place in systems newer than Windows XP), you should run the CAD program once as an administrator: After that you should run the CAD program as usual and try to run Cubic Orb’s program once again. If Cubic Orb’s program still does not detect the CAD platform, you should run both Cubic Orb’s program and the CAD platform as an administrator. If it fails, you should run the CAD program’s executive file (exe) once as an administrator and /RESERVER parameter. You should use the system command line or Windows PowerShell as an administrator: The DWG platform users (AutoCAD, GstarCAD, BricsCAD i inne) may run each Cubic Orb’s program using the script RunCubicOrb.scr. You should drop RunCubicOrb.scr file on the CAD’s window or command line. Information how to run scripts (*.SCR files) may be found in the platform’s documentation. To avoid problems with the detection of a CAD platform please install Cubic Orb's toolbar.