OpenCities Map PowerView is Bentley’s software for 2D design. It is an entry-level product for viewing and editing geospatial information that extends the capabilities of Microstation. It is an excellent choice for surveyors, designers and architects.

How to buy the program?

If you are interested in purchasing Bentley software, please contact us.


OpenCities Map PowerView (net prices)

OpenCities Map PowerView – perpetual license
PLN 10,357.00

OpenCities Map PowerView Maintenance – additional service for pertetual license
PLN 2,072.00 / year

OpenCities Map PowerView – annual license
PLN 4,143.00

Features of the program

  • supports 2D geometry and 3D models at any scale,
  • produces high-quality documentation and reports, 2D/3D PDF files, iModels and 3D models,
  • geospatial information from thousands of systems,
  • supports data from OGC Web Map Servers,
  • reads IFC and Esri SHP files,
  • supports point clouds,
  • generates geolocated PDF files,
  • you can track and compare two versions of a document to see how they differ.

Cubic Orb is a distributor of Bentley. The product we offer is compatible with Cubic Orb programs and is a competitive alternative to more expensive CAD programs. The program is available in the Polish language version.


Compatible with CubicOrb programs: