Transformation of projections and transformation based on control points

Select transformation type (Projections or Control points) on Transformation data tab. Transformation of projections Select Source projection and Destination projection (use Recognize proj. to automatically recognize the projection). Specify the transformation setup on the transformation tab and click Start! Transformation based on control points Enter control points in the table below or attach coordinates database by clicking a button More options. If the database is connected, the coordinates are automatically downloaded after entering the number of point. Above the table there are buttons to cooperation with the CAD programs like zoom to point or get coordinates by clicking on design. NOTICE: When using this functions place the cursor in the appropriate column – if the cursor is on the left part of the table, the operations will refer to the source projection and if the cursor is on the right part of the table, the operations will refer to the destination projection. Control points can be marked (F5 button). If points are marked, only the marked points will be included in the calculation, otherwise all points will be included in the calculation. NOTICE: it is required to install GeoView program to atach coordinates database (for these purposes, use a free version of GeoView software, available on