Defining adjustment points with lines

  1. Select any drawing layer and set the desired parameters for the lines to be drawn. There must be no other "line" type elements on the selected layer.
  2. Select the corresponding adjustment points (raster - drawing) and connect them by drawing regular lines so that the start of the line is a point on the raster and the end of the line is the corresponding point on the drawing. If you make a mistake at this stage, simply delete the 'wrong' line and draw a new one. The lines should be single. The programme only takes into account the first and second vertex.
  3. KaliBro - click the button Dane kalibracji , then select Read control points from last editing layer .

The adjustment point data will, from this point on, be visible in the table on the "Warp" tab (in full view). The operation described in point 3 should be repeated after each change involving the removal of a "bad" line or the drawing of a new one. The data in the table is not updated automatically.


  1. Click Dane kalibracjithen select Add by clicking in design.
  2. Point to the adjustment points (raster - drawing) by first clicking a point on the raster and then on the drawing. The points will appear in the table. To finish pointing to the points, click the right mouse button (or <Esc>).