Problems with retaining the current position arrow and compass

On the OPTIONS tab select COMPASS SETUP.
Compass setup
If the current position arrow or compass is malfunctioning, change the Compass setup. Sometimes malfunctions can be related to the controller's low-precision magnetometer. If the magnetometer is malfunctioning you can only use the GPS heading. Deselect use the magnetometer below the Speed limit and select Always use GPS course data. The controller screen during staking should be oriented according to our direction of movement. When approaching the staked point, slow down and do not make sudden movements to maintain the correct compass orientation.

Important: It is a good idea to calibrate the controller's magnetometer from time to time - this involves rotating the controller several times around each axis and making a few vigorous "figure-of-eight" movements. Adjusting the compass accordingly allows you to better customise the operation of the software.

GPS course data - these settings condition the rules for determining directions on the compass and the direction of the arrow of the current position on the speed of the receiver's movement:
  • Ignore GPS course below the limit speed - checking this option stops correcting directions based on the receiver's movement when the receiver is moving slower than the limit speed;
  • Use a magnetometer below the speed limit - checking this option will correct the directions based on the built-in magnetometer if the receiver moves slower than the limit speed. This option requires the option above to be checked.

Speed limit [km/h] - enter your preferred speed value in the text box. During stakeout - this setting determines the behaviour of the compass during staking mode when the distance of the receiver from the staked point is less than the defined limit distance. Select one of the following options:
  • Use magnetometer if destination is closer than the distance limit - select this option to start correction of the compass heading as soon as the limit distance is exceeded.
  • Reset the compass (north up) if destination is closer than the distance limit - selecting this option will set and lock the north arrow to the top of the display screen after the limit distance is exceeded.
  • Always GPS course data- selecting this option will only correct the direction of the staking arrow based on the direction of movement of the receiver regardless of the limit distance.

Distance limit [m] - enter the preferred distance value in the text field.