Editing of adjustment points

The editable table on the Warp tab (full view) shows all adjustment points.

All loaded points have a status of enabled. This can be changed by deselecting the table row corresponding to the point to be eliminated from further calculations (F5 key).

Points can be assigned numbers by entering the appropriate number in the number column. Assigning numbers to points has no effect on the final calibration result. The numbers are visible in the report table.

Clicking the right mouse button within the table calls up a pop-up menu which allows you to: - insert and delete rows (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+K), - select and deselect rows (F5), - deleting the entire table content, - pointing to a selected point on the raster, - pointing to a selected point on the drawing, - searching for the largest deviations in adjustment points.

KaliBronek also allows you to quickly check the accuracy of the selection of adjustment points. To check the relevant deviations (X, Y and XY), after loading the coordinates of the adjustment points: - select the transformation method in the box above the table, - calculate the transformation parameters (button Dane kalibracji , function Calculate transformation parameters).

After clicking OK, the message containing the calculated transformation parameters, the deviation values will appear in the table. Their "magnitude" will be further highlighted by the intensity of the cell's background colour. No colour indicates a small deviation. The strongest intensity of red indicates deviations with maximum values.