QuickGNSS – Change List

Download QuickGNSS v2023
– Export Active Drawing to KML format
– Import of maps in TAB (Mapinfo®) and GeoJSON formats
– Codes search engine
– Add button in codes “Start measuring after selecting code”
– Sorting Jobs by name, modification time and date
– Ability to define investment axes and display Chainage (Map setup)
– Pole angle display for receivers with e-libels / IMU
– Automatic/Inteligent IMU offset
– Added Leica Disto D3a in Hardware Distance Meter
– Added support for AlphaGEO GNSS receivers

Download QuickGNSS v2022.7
– Added support for SHP (Esri®) files
– In distance calculations added display of slopes in %
– In CAD properties added buttons that allows to go directly to the distance and area calculations
– Added support for Leica Disto D510 distance meter
– Improved support for DXF and LandXML files
– Turkish language version added

Download QuickGNSS v2022
– Ability to draw and measure CAD elements: lines, polygons, symbols and texts
– A new button on the map that allows to change the operating mode: from point measurement and stakeout mode to drawing, measuring and editing CAD objects mode
– CSV file format with a code list has been extended, allowing for detailed definition of the characteristics of the CAD elements related to the code
– Snapping to the middle of the line is enabled in the “CHOICE VECTOR FROM MAP” tool
– Added export of coordinates to formats: Leica GSI, Sokkia SDR, GPX, GeoJSON, Google Earth KML, Garmin PCX5, Ozi Explorer WPT
– 3D models stakeout in LandXML, DXF and ITF format
– 3D models stakeout: after adding the 3D file to “Offline maps”, the height of the model and the vertical distance to the model surface are displayed (if the GPS position is within the model boundaries)
– Added the ability to choose the geoid interpolation method (bilinear, bicubic)
– Improved handling of large georeferential rasters
– Added support for rasters in TIFF format
– Added support for connection with receivers via the TCP/IP port
– New button “stake out next point” – active when staking out a point from the table
– Advanced selection has been enriched with the option “Select between already selected”
– Added the button “Show in Google Maps…” in the edit window of the point
– Added the option to enter a user name to the facility settings. If the username is specified, the corresponding information appears in the report
– Added support for receivers: SatLab Freyja, ComNav T30 IMU, Carlson BRx7, Foif A20
– Added the ability to select the coordinate system by country
– Added automatic download of “Grid Shift” files (if the coordinate system requires such a file
– Added Hungarian and Ukrainian language versions

Download QuickGNSS v2021.1
– Better support of DXF files (based on our unique graphic engine, making the speed of QuickGNSS independent from a DXF’s size)
– Option to turn on/off layers in DXF files
– Staking lines with arches (LWPOLYLINE) from a DXF file
– Option to divide a staked line into segments and arches of a chosen length
– Option to choose a point colour depending on its source
– The number of „Quick code” buttons is doubled
– Improved measurement mode: tracking
– ARTK FIXED support
– Option to calculate an average point from two points

Download QuickGNSS v2020.12
– New tool for selecting point codes: the ability to define your own code libraries in a CSV file, an editable list of recently used codes, the ability to assign a number of epochs to individual codes
– New tool for changing the codes of selected points in the table
– The coordinates of the base station in the report in the local system
– Possibility to add area calculation to the report
– The ability to set the angle of the elevation mask in the GNSS receiver
– Improved handling of Bosch handheld rangefinders, the ability to capture the measurement triggered by the rangefinder button
– Export of coordinates to a TXT file supplemented with a point description
– Default name of the new object set as the current date and time
– Portuguese language version added

Download QuickGNSS v2020.10
– Fixed an issue with some Android 10 devices

Download QuickGNSS v2020.9
– Published on Google Play. Notice: when installing a new version, you will need to re-enter your license key
– Possibility to specify coordinates by clicking any point on the map or copy coordinates from an existing point or vector when creating a new point in the table
– Possibility to select points in the table by number range and by date
– An option to change the quality (resolution) of online and offline map display
– Improved support for GNSS receivers with sensors
– Added support for Kolida K5 receiver with IMU

Download QuickGNSS v2020.6
– Improved Bluetooth connection module
– Improved NTRIP connection module
– Added the option of saving the default codes list
– Added display of the current number of epochs for the averaged measurement on the measurement screen
– Easier setting of the basic measurement parameters like point number, code, antenna height, number of epochs
– Points to stake out can be chosen by clicking the parameter on the measurement screen
– Display of the points on the measurement screen varies according to the source: the user’s points (imported) are dimmed
– Added the options to sort by an object’s name or date and display the date under the object’s name in the objects option (the options are accessible from the objects list menu by long click)
– Added reporting of readings from an echo sounder
– The size of the interface font depends on current settings for the Android system, usually available at: Settings – Display – Font Size
– Solved the problem with closing of the app during deleting or editing of a point
– Improved support of DHDN coordinates system (Germany)
– Supports Gintec F90 receiver with IMU and ProMark 500

Download QuickGNSS v2020.4
– Checking the uniqueness of point names
– Selecting points by source
– Selecting points by point name mask and by point code mask
– Selecting points by its content (if the point contains photos, recordings, description, height)
– Displaying the Moon’s position on a compass, staking referenced to the Moon’s position
– “Projection of a point on line” and “Line stakeout” modules – displaying the full length of the line
– “Jobs” module – displaying the full path of folders on the title bar
– “Offset from intersection” module – a tilt measurement support (works if full tilt compensation is turned off)
– Option to enable height correction instead of full tilt compensation
– “Stakeout – closest point” – priority for a user’s (imported) points, when measured points are nearby
– Supports RTK receivers through dedicated applications (Trimble GNSS Status, Spectra Precision Space, Leica Zeno Connect and others) by mock location
– Supports South, Kolida, Ruide, Pentax receivers
– German translation added

Download QuickGNSS v2020
– Ability to import coordinates in CSV, GPX, RAW / RW5, GSI (Leica), CRD (Carlson) formats
– Improved DXF import from any sources, e.g. DropoBox, Google Drive etc.

Download QuickGNSS v2019
– The first version of the software

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