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Gis2Cad v11.23



-Interactive connection of a CAD file with an EXCEL sheet

-Making map analyzes of spatial data in connection with a spreadsheet database

– Creating lists of map objects according to given parameters (area, line, object, etc.)

– Analysing and editing attribute data of map objects

– Creating lists of land utilities network operators (GML)

– Creating lists of land utility networks from the map

– Generating terrain balances

– Creating a list of coordinates of selected CAD drawing objects

– Performing analyzes on sets of coordinates (based on spatial criteria (scope, distance, cadastral data, etc.)

– Processing sets of coordinates (transformation between systems, translating, averaging, removing duplicates, filtering, renumbering, etc.

– Inserting coordinate sets into a CAD drawing (in the form of points, texts, symbols)


– Georeference (calibration) of raster files
Matching raster images by indicating identical elements in a CAD drawing

– Inserting georeferenced raster files into CAD

– Editing raster files
Denoising, inversion, cropping, editing in an external editor (e.g. Paint), etc.

– Combining raster files
For example, tiles downloaded from WMS/WMTS services

– Raster file management


– Inserting online map images into CAD (local and global)
Downloaded map fragments are inserted into CAD in the form of raster images (tiles) and saved on disk

– Displaying geospatial data from WFS services
Descriptive data from the land and building records, address data, statistical data, etc.

– Has the extensive list of predefined WMS/WMTS/WFS services
Data from Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, thematic maps, etc.

– Possibile to easily add any websites using the wizard


– Creating digital terrain models (DTM)
Based on sets of coordinates, elements from the map

– DMT import from files in LandXML, Esri grid formats

– Use of DTM when developing profiles and cross-sections

– Calculations of the volume of earth masses


– Generating profiles and cross-sections based on XYH, 3D models

– Convenient data acquisition for cross-sections from a CAD drawing

– A number of tools to automate the acquisition of data for cross-sections
Searching for points along the section line, interpolating ordinates, translating heights

– Automatic generation of cross-section drawing sheets in CAD with descriptions


– Many tools to automate map editing
Flattening a drawing, spreading texts, changing an arc to a polyline, cropping a map, etc.

– Map transformation between coordinate and height systems

– Automatic drawing of routes with descriptions

– Plotting buffers


– Import

Maps: GML, ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON
Digital terrain model (3D model): LandXML, ESRI Grid
Sets of coordinates: txt, csv, GPX, GeoJSON, TDS Raw (raw, rw5), Leica GSI, Sokkia SDR, SurvCE (crd), N-GEO (png), EWMAPA (punkty.dat), GEO89 (p89), WinKalk (points.db), C-GEO (db, cgo), GeoKalk (geo.mdb)

Raster images: RGB, Targa, Tag Image File Format, Apple PICT, PCX, Compuserve GIF, Windows BMP, Sun Raster, Img, Image RGB, RLE, FLI Animation Format, COT, JPEG, CIT, TG4, Cals Type 1 CCITT4, RLC, Portable Natwork Graphics, GEOTIFF, Bentley HMR, Internet TIFF, C29, MrSID, ERMapper Compressed Wavelets, Ingr. TIFF, MultiChannel, C30, C31

– Export
Maps: GML, ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, Google Earth KML
Sets of coordinates: txt, Google Earth KML, GeoJSON, Leica GSI, GPX, GEO2000, M-GEO (Workabout), Geodimetr, Sokkia SDR, Garmin PCX5, Ozi Explorer WPT, Fugawi
Raster images: RGB, Targa, Tag Image File Format, Apple PICT, PCX, Compuserve GIF, Windows BMP, Sun Raster, Img, Image RGB, RLE, COT, JPEG, CIT, TG4, Cals Type 1 CCITT4, Portable Natwork Graphics, GEOTIFF, Bentley HMR, Internet TIFF, C29, ERMapper Compressed Wavelets, Ingr. TIFF, JPEG2000, RGB Compressed, CRL, Anatech LRD, Wireless BitMap, Erdas IMG, Internet TiFF64


– IntelliCAD and derivatives
From version 6, including: BricsCAD, ZwCAD+, GStarCAD, progeCAD, ActCAD and more.

– Bentley MicroStation
95, SE, v7/J, v8, v8 2004 Edition, XM, v8i, Connect Edition and derivatives: PowerDraft, PowerMap, GeoOutlook, Redline, Navigator. Version v8 2004 or latter is recommended.
In the case of “reduced” versions such as Redline, Navigator, some functionality limitations may occur. Versions older than v8 do not allow drawing object maps.

– Autodesk AutoCAD
From 2000 version to the newest, AutoCAD LT – only with LT Extender or Cadsta Max.

– ARES Commander
Ares Standard, Ares Commander from 2018 version.


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