Full compatibility with RawGNSS


SimGNSS is a tool for planning field surveys using a GNSS receiver. It allows you to simulate measurements for an exemplary database of points, taking into account their order or mutual topological relationship. The result of the simulation is a RAW file that can be opened in software that generates GNSS measurement reports from files in this format. Cubic Orb guarantees the full effect using RawGNSS. The analysis of the report will help you to plan the time for taking measurements in the field.

How to buy the program?

If you are interested in purchasing the program, please contact us.

Features of the program

  • possibility to specify a number of measurement parameters and measurement conditions (e.g. number of epochs, double measurement, antenna height and offset, date of measurement start, range of measurement hours, including the measurement on the weekend, including the lunch break)
  • the possibility of taking into account the performance of a control measurement for selected points of the geodetic network
  • simulation result as a RAW file
  • full compatibility with RawGNSS

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