Raster editing

Editing tools are available: – on the Manager tab – on the Raters tab – More tools button in the Destination raster or  Source raster section. The following editing options are available on the Raster tab: – Inversion – invert the whole raster – Despeckle – removes pixel noise – spots smaller than 4 pixels. The raster background must be white – regardless of what you see in the CAD drawing. If the raster background is black instead of despeckle we get the effect of “filling holes” – Crop raster – crop the raster to the indicated rectangular area – Draw rectangle – fills the indicated rectangular area in black – Crop rectangle – fills the indicated rectangular area with white – Draw polygon – fills the indicated polygon with black – Crop polygon – fills the indicated polygon with white – Undo edit – undo the last edit operation In addition, the More tools drop-down list in the Manager tab includes: – combine multiple rasters into one large raster, – raster straightening (resampling), which are inserted into the CAD design with rotation different from zero, – change raster color property to CAD active color property, – change raster visibility and transparency, – tool for find georeferenced raster files on disk, matched to indicated area. The External Edit button allows you to edit a raster (portion or whole) in an external editor. After editing in an external editor, close the editor, and save changes. Then confirm the change by clicking OK in the dialog box that appears by KaliBro. After confirming the changes, the edited part will be updated on the raster displayed in the CAD design.