QuickGNSS – the new quality of measurements with Android

quickgnss_measurement_quick_code From the end of 2019 QuickGNSS is on sale. This is the brand-new app to make GPS measurement on Android created by the surveying software company Cubic Orb!

QuickGNSS - effective, intuitive, and tested by many satisfied specialists

Before we introduce the app into the market QuickGNSS has been verified for almost two years by Satlab’s receivers users. Specialists using other receivers such as Trimble, Spectra Precision or Stonex also had possibility to try out QuickGNSS before its premiere. Cubic Orb is not only the creator of the software but a surveying company. We strongly and successfully used and tested QuickGNSS in our day-to-day field works. Such versatile tests have given us the ability to present the proven and practically verified product. The app won many satisfied users before it even enter the market! During the creation of QuickGNSS we focused on ensuring maximum comfort of using, effectiveness, intuitiveness and stability. Many surveyors just after short term experience with the app claim that they will never change QuickGNSS for other solutions. It states that we have achieved our goals. The software is exceptionally intuitive – does not require any training! Its impressive capacities allow to smoothly work on hundreds of thousands points and large dxf files. The measurement is efficient and effective thanks to, among others, using 5Hz frequency in staking and measurement.

QuickGNSS in measurement and staking

QuickGNSS has all functions necessary to ensure the highest standard of measurement. The user can make averaged, single point, tracking (including these with echo sounder) measurements. The specialists can also measure temporary points and simply edit measured points (from the map level). Field works are even more comfortable thanks to ongoing preview of solution parameters (like RTK fixed), coordinates and basic settings of a measurement and staking as well as an intelligent compass. QuickGNSS contains also a number of the most popular staking options (point, line, point and line from a vector of a map, point projected on a line, line with more than one bend). You can stake out arcs and circles (including segmentation),. Defining an arc (also by indicating a vector on a map) is also possible. Finally the specialists can stake out main points of the arc and a centre of a circle. quickgnss_map_offset_staking_arc

QuickGNSS and its one of a kind solutions

QuickGNSS has paucity of unique solutions which stand out the software from others. Examples? The application supports virtually all coordinates systems in the World (you can also define whichever system). It automatically recognizes data format of an imported file with coordinates. The app supports echo sounders as well as laser distance metres (via Bluetooth) too. QuickGNSS gives you the possibility to add any WMS/WMTS service as a base map. You can also use the „quick code” function (an easy choice of the last codes). Finally the app has the option to block a compass when staking and stake out on north, the Sun, the Moon or any specified point.

QuickGNSS and other Cubic Orb software

If you use other Cubic Orb’s software, you will certainly appreciate the possibility to easily exchange data between a field controller and computer. It goes through the dedicated cloud solution – Cubic Cloud. This is the only solution on the market that in such an easy and user-friendly manner allows to send the measurement results on a computer and subsequently (thanks to our GeoView application) by simple two clicks on any CAD drawing. How does it work? A specialist in an office uses Cubic Orb’s application GeoView (for working on sets of coordinates) to generate coordinates. Then he or she sends them to a person using QuickGNSS in-field via Cubic Cloud. It also works other way round!

Try QuickGNSS for free

More information about QuickGNSS can be found at www.cubicorb.comAt the website you can also download the app’s free trial version. QuickGNSS is compatible numerous receivers like Satlab, Trimble, Geomax, Spectra Precision, Kolida, Stonex, Pentax or Ruide. Having the receiver is not necessary to enjoy the software, however. QuickGNSS contains a GPS simulator and exemplary project with a pretty complicated vector base map.