How to calibrate raster image

1. Run the CAD software and create a new design file or open existing file. 2. Run KaliBro. 3. In KaliBro click Warp tab, next click Load raster Load raster button, then click Load raster from file …. In the dialog box, indicate the raster you want to warp and click Open. 4. In the dialog box which permits to change parameters of the attached raster data, click OK. 5. In the design file, specify the place (by clicking two points of rectangle) wherein the raster will be inserted. 6. In the CAD software use standard Line tool and draw a “calibration vectors” according to the schema: the beginning of the line is a point in raster and the end of the line is a point in design. 7. Click the button Perform Warp Perform Warp. If calibration data are correct, it will appear the window with parameters of the transformation. Submit parameters by clicking OK and wait. 8. After calibration process it will appear Save As … dialog. Type a name for the new raster file and click Save. The calibrated raster is now attached to design file!