GoKart – change list

GoKart v2022.11

Download GoKart v2022.11

The first program in Poland fully adapted to current regulations and current application schemes.
– A new tool that allows plotting of objects by manually entering picket numbers. It can also act as a search engine for a picket on the map (Tools – Picket mapping helper).
– When plotting the ordinate of a conduit, there is an option to automatically insert all missing ordinates of the conduit
– When plotting a floor description or ordinate with a cross-reference, the ability to automatically specify the attachment point of the cross-reference has appeared
– New tool: Edit – Move description with reference, storey
– New tool for converting arcs, circles and lines with arcs to polylines with preservation of attributes and relations (Tools – Map processing – Convert arcs to polylines)
– New tool: “Mark Similar Objects” allowing to mark similar objects in terms of selected graphical features and attributes (Item Information – Tools).
– New tool for finding elements without descriptions, thanks to which it is possible to check whether all surface or linear objects (e.g., parcels, wires) have descriptions within the scope of the map update (Map processing – Find elements without descriptions)
– In the context menu of plotting an element, a new tool “Plot by detecting surface at a point” has been added, enabling automatic creation of a surface object at the indicated point based on other objects bounding the area around the indicated point
– In the “Basic Map 2021” configuration, when editing attributes, attribute descriptions are visible instead of short dictionary values
– When plotting floor description, added possibility to disable plotting of empty text (dash) for the bottom ordinate
– In the attribute acquisition tool, a preview of attribute values to be copied (old – new) has been added
– After the GESUT unit has been plotted, a new tool “Plot next – Insert object ordinate” and “Plot next – Insert object ordinate and plot next with ordinates” is available in the attributes window. The latter allows you to loop the activity of inserting a device with ordinates (floor description).
– The mining slope plotting tool has been modified to comply with mining standard PN-73G-09016
– “Execute without plotting” – renamed to “Plot additional elements related to the object” and added a shortcut to this tool in the Item Information – Tools window
– Improved updating of relations when dividing some objects
– Added the ability to select the precision of recording coordinates and elevations in coordinate lists generated by GoKarta (File – Export – Text file and those on the Coordinates tab – Generate list of points…).
– The list of lengths of sections of utility networks is now generated by diameter
– Default rounding of coordinates when exporting to GML has been disabled, optionally it can be enabled, but it is not recommended when generating differential files.
– When plotting a new parcel or building, an attribute containing the area is automatically filled in


GoKart v2022.7

Download GoKart v2022.7
The first program in Poland fully adapted to current regulations and current application schemes.
– the configuration of “Basic map 2021” has been adapted to current versions of application schemas
– the “Draw next on polyline vertices” tool has been improved: skipping already scanned elements, automatic rotation of texts according to the polyline direction, priority for ordinates of a point from the table if it overlaps with a vertex
– added tool “Draw next in area of selected object”, which works similarly to “Draw next on polyline vertices”, but also inserts objects for all points from the table inside the area, if nothing has been mapped on these points. The tool is most useful if, for example, you want to insert all ordinates on the outline and inside the mapped roadway.
– after plotting a GESUT object, the “Plot ordinate of object” tool is also available in the above menu, in case of devices the ordinate symbol is automatically inserted
– the tool for downloading plots from the geoportal has been improved, more plots can be downloaded serially
– improved operation of the tool for text extensions
– improved the operation of the tool for inserting the description of the grid of crosses (Frame Generator – Tools). A shortcut to the tool has also been added in the Drawing -> Special -> Crosses grid point coordinates menu
– the top bar of the program now displays the name of the drawing file to which GoKart is connected
– an advanced tool for finding duplicate elements has been added (Tools -. Map Processing -> Duplicate Search)
– when plotting surface element descriptions, the “Plot more descriptions on the indicated element” tool is available in the context menu of the text plotting icon. Allows automatic insertion of multiple descriptions, especially on elongated objects, with appropriate description rotation if necessary
– new tool “Flatten 3D drawing” (Tools -. Map processing).
– solved problems which appeared recently during GML exchange with EwMapa system
– corrected some symbols in the configuration “Basic map 2021”


GoKart v2022

Download GoKart v2022
The first program in Poland fully adapted to current regulations and current application schemes.
– the program has been adjusted to the new application schemas of the principal map published by GUGiK in December 2021.
– cooperation with QuickGNSS 2022 – possibility of measuring objects of the principal map directly in the field
– automatic updating of all descriptions after editing attributes
– automatic drawing of multiple descriptions for long lines
– in the “Element properties” window, the “Mark subordinate objects” tool has been added
– tool for downloading plots from GUGiK was adjusted to changes that occurred in the way GUGiK server works
– added editor of the “class” attribute in the cadastral parcel
– added window “Headings and measures settings” in the “Tools” menu
– added the ability to create enclaves / multi-plots from existing elements
– plotting of foreheads: reset does not end plotting but starts again, a second reset interrupts plotting
– Microstation: in the configuration of the Essential Map 2021, missing symbols and line styles have been completed, and the problem with erroneous export of the map to DWG by some versions of MicroStation has been resolved
– taking enclaves into account when drawing fills (lawns, cemeteries, etc.)
– allowing to draw ordinates of terrain/fill without descriptions
– ordinate descriptions and other elements get the height consistent with the ordinate of the described object (for 3D maps)
– enabling to set precision of saving coordinates in GML files
– enabling to save the list of connected files with coordinates in the drawing file (“Save list of files in CAD drawing” in the context menu on the “Coordinates” tab)
– rounding of coordinates during calculations on the map to 1cm (option)
– creation of a list of lengths of sections of the utility network (Tools – Calculations)


GoKart v2021.10

Download GoKart v2021.10
The first program in Poland fully adapted to current regulations and current application schemes.
– Adapted to the new application schemas made available by GUGiK on 23-24.09.2021
– added tool for bulk conversion of attributes (Tools – Map processing – Attribute conversion)
– Attribute conversion templates were added to enable adaptation of the map plotted with the “2015 Principal Map” and “2021 Principal Map” configurations to the current versions of the application schemas


GoKart v2021.9

Download GoKart v2021.9
The first program in Poland fully adapted to current regulations and current application schemes.
– map drawing in accordance with the new symbology
– export and import of GML files compliant with the new ordinances, including generation of differential files
– interactive content of the ordinance on BDOT500 and the principal map has been included
– export of selected map elements created in GoKart according to the 2015 ordinances to a GML file compliant with the current ordinances
– adapted to the latest CAD versions, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, ZwCAD and others


GoKart v2021.6

Download GoKart v2021.6
– “GUGiK Tools” submenu has been added to the “Tools” menu, allowing to: download cadastral parcel and municipality boundary, geographic names, basic and photogrammetric matrix and display topographic description of the matrix point
– “Element information” recognizes elements downloaded from GUGiK’s WFS services and allows viewing attributes associated with this data


GoKart v2021

Download GoKart v2021
– A new “Item Properties” window that is a combination of the existing “Item Information” and “Attributes” windows, including additional tabs: “Tools” and “RAW data”
– in the “Element Properties” – “Tools” window, additional buttons allowing to go to edit attributes of related objects or zoom to these objects, and other additional tools depending on the type of object / element
– improved element search function, ability to search objects by handle, local ID or any object data string (attributes)
– improved tool for copying attributes from another object, ability to select individual attributes to be copied
– in the “Edit” menu, new “Divide” and “Merge” tools allowing to divide or merge linear and surface objects with automatic updating of relations
– possibility of automatic division of a slope imported from GML into peak and foothill lines using the “Divide” tool, or from the level of the “Element Properties” window – “Tools”
– possibility to draw new fillings of slopes, walls, etc. on objects imported from GML (after prior division)
– in the context menu of drawing an element, the “Execute without drawing” tool has been added, allowing to execute additional commands related to the element without drawing the main element, e.g. drawing only fills, missing symbol descriptions, etc.
– in the “Import Element” tool, the option to specify a text string as a criterion has been added, and it has been made possible to import elements in case of type incompatibility (for example, texts and symbols can be imported as lines to adjust color and layer)
– plotting of working coordinates along with the picket code
– launching of import scheme files by drag-and-drop method
– fixes in the generation of differential files for GEO-INFO
– deactivated generation of redaction for deleted and obsolete elements during control import of differential file
– the “Mark all on map” tool has been added to the list of objects related by relations, and the tool for searching for topologically incorrect objects has been optimized
– significantly accelerated the import from GML of some elements with fills
– updated INFO document for Essential Map configuration taking into account current GoKarta capabilities
– possibility to edit beginningGorySkarpy and endGorySkarpy attributes by clicking on a point
– possibility to edit attribute polylineDirectional by plotting polyline
– updated element definition base, changes in default values of some attributes
– MicroStation: restriction of not being able to use Undo function while drawing an element has been removed
– adapted to the latest versions of CAD platforms


GoKart v2020.12

Download GoKart v2020.12
– Ability to control and edit GML differential file by importing with stratification into current, obsolete and deleted objects
– Export to a text file, taking into account the ordinates stored in the attributes (creation of the final coordinate list for PODGiK)
– Numerous improvements related to support of GMLs from different systems
– Adaptation to the current version of Microstation Connect Edition


GoKart v2020.10

Download GoKart v2020.10
– Improved GML data exchange module: adaptation to the leading systems supporting the county resource (TurboEwid, Ewmapa, Geo-Info, Wega), automatic recognition of the system from which the GML comes, solved problems with importing redactions and many other improvements
– In the GML export report window, a “Copy ID to clipboard” option has been added to the context menu
– New intelligent algorithm for drawing infill of stairs and retaining walls, automatic determination of directional polyline with option to specify polyline points manually
– New tool for plotting enclaves and multisurfaces (in the context menu of the element plot button)
– In the attributes window, the “Take over all attributes from another object” tool has been added in the context menu
– MicroStation – new tool for converting tags to text + XDATA (in the Tools – Map processing menu)


GoKart v2020.6

Download GoKart v2020.6
– Adapted to the latest versions of CAD platforms
– Significant acceleration of GML import and numerous related fixes
– “Attributes – Draw consecutive based on coordinates from clipboard” tool takes into account text offset and rotation
– Completed database of element definitions


GoKart v2020.4

Download GoKart v2020.4
– New tool – automatic updating of all descriptions on the map based on the attributes (data) of the object (Tools – Map processing – Update all texts)
– New tool – deletion of attributes for selected elements (Tools – Map processing – Clear element attributes (data))
– Object list window enriched with possibility to add and delete relations, option to search and delete topologically incorrect relations
– Improved “Import Elements” tool – possibility to process only clicked element, adjust object attributes, e.g. convert designed object to existing one
– Automatic selection of appropriate descriptions depending on attributes when describing surfaces, buildings and others
– Parcel download from INSPIRE Geoportal replaced with tool for downloading parcel from GUGiK ULDK (Tools – Add-ons – Download parcel from GUGiK ULDK)
– Corrected import of erroneous GML files from EwMapa software
– Improved precision of ordinates when describing wires
– Added ability to disable export of unmodified objects in GML export options


GoKart v2020

Download GoKart v2020
– Adapted to the latest versions of CAD platforms
– Significant acceleration of bulk operations, including GML / TXT import and export
– Automatic creation of relations for EGiB objects
– Expanded the information in the GML export report to include information on the absence of required relationships
– Ability to enter the same measurement date for all new objects during GML export
– Updated the function that allows downloading the parcel vector from the Geoportal using the INSPIRE service


GoKart v2019.9

Download GoKart v2019.9
– New functionality: report window containing a list of objects with basic information on GML import/export, possibility to search and zoom to objects imported/exported to GML
– Adaptation of the format of saving some elements in GML for import in EwMapa (bypassing the problem caused by the lack of support for gml:ArcSting in EwMapa)
– Other improvements affecting program performance during GML import and export


GoKart v2019

Download GoKart v2019
– First version under the Cubic Orb brand
– Support for the GK-1 standard for railroad maps
– New tool for automatic text spreading on the map
– New flexible licensing system
– New improved license activation mechanism


GoKart 2.5.6

Download GoKart v2.5.6
– Program adapted to work with the latest versions of CAD platforms.
– GML support and configurations adapted to the requirements of the GESUT validator (GUGiK).
– Automatic creation of manhole – underground chamber, artificial height point – roadway type relations.


GoKart 2.5.5

– Fixed problem with saving attributes for linear objects in MicroStation.
– Fixed editing of multiple attributes for imported objects.


GoKart 2.5.4


– Program adapted to ARES Commander.
– Improvements in configurations and GML support.

– Other improvements.

GoKart 2.5

– Added plotting of orthogonal measures (category Add-ons -> Measures -> Measurements… or from the Plot menu).
– Added keyboard shortcuts to the History menu. F8 key triggers redrawing of the last element, F7 key triggers redrawing of the previous element.
– Fixed bug occurring when drawing some slopes in 3D.
– Fixed problem with disappearing list of elements.
– Pointing has been improved in MicroStation so that AccuSnap works (e.g., when drawing foreheads).
– The program adapted to the latest versions of CAD platforms, including ZwCAD 2018 and GstarCAD 2018.


GoKart 2.4.2

– A significant bug related to pop-up windows has been fixed.


GoKart 2.4.1

– In the context menu of the Attributes window, added option to copy the contents of the attribute table to the clipboard
– Fixed several errors related to GML export and import.


GoKart 2.4

– In the Attributes window, added option to plot multiple symbols based on coordinates from the clipboard or on polyline breaks
– Option to draw mining scarps (overlay scarp, deposit scarp, heap scarp, in Draw -> Special -> Mining scarps menu)
– Improved scarp fill drawing algorithms
– Automatic plotting of surface object fills when editing object map
– “Intelligent fills” option – drawing the fill without obscuring existing elements (Options -> Intelligent fills)
– In D-19 configuration, an option for automatic hash drawing has been added
– In AutoCAD/IntelliCAD, added option to decide whether to use block attributes or plain text when describing some symbols (Options -> AutoCAD, IntelliCAD -> Do not use block attributes)
– Improved GML import/export
– Added option to set GML handling mode according to Ordinances, related to different interpretations regarding label rotation angle values (Options -> Rot. 90)
– Modified some line styles for MicroStation, in order to bypass an error occurring in some versions of MicroStation, whereby unsupported line styles are incorrectly broken out when exporting to DWG
– Modified the settings of some blocks in the D-19 configuration to eliminate incorrect scaling when drawing on custom DWG files
– Drawing infill of stairs, walls and retaining walls in 3D
– Adaptation of the program to work with the latest CAD environments (including ZwCAD 2017, ProgeCAD 2017/2018, GstarCAD 2017 and others)
– Other fixes and improvements


GoKart 2.3.1

– Important fixes for users of MicroStation v8/2004/XM/v8i and derivatives


GoKart 2.3

– Program adjusted to work with the latest versions of CAD platforms, including MicroStation Connect Edition
– New feature to enable or disable mask for selected texts (in Tools-Map Processing menu)
– Several fixes and enhancements


GoKart 2.2.1

– Improved definitions in new configurations
– Improved operation of the “Import elements by schema” function in new configurations


GoKart 2.2.0

– Support for the revised BDOT500, GESUT and EGiB regulations of 2015
– Improved support for GML import/export
– Generation of so-called “difference files” when exporting to GML
– Full support for GESUT attributes including forms for editing “representative” and “ruler” attributes
– Improved configuration for maps compatible with BDOT500 symbology from before the amendment
– Adaptation of the program to work with the latest CAD environments
– New tool for converting block attributes to text in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Many corrections and improvements


GoKart 2.1.8

– New tool to search for items by ID, handle or GML-ID
– New useful feature in the File menu: Open location of active file
– Calculation of linear indentation and domain. The number of the calculated point is placed on the working point layer
– Calculation of plot areas from unconnected vectors, along with creation of batch files for EwMap, C-GEO
– Added possibility to export to TANGO according to GEO-INFO 6 codes in Basic Map and K-1 configuration
– Fixed error of generating list of coordinates with codes in object maps
– Corrections in export to GML
– Corrections in the operation of the feature import function in Bentley Redline
– Fixed errors in operation of some functions due to incompatibility of ZwCAD+ 2015
– Corrected operation of the function of drawing foreheads along selected lines in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Improved ordinate rounding according to Bradis-Krylov rules


GoKart 2.1.7

– Improved operation of the “Import elements by scheme” and “Adjust map to loaded configuration” functions
– Ability to undo changes and additional options in the “Import elements” function, including the ability to define symbol rotation
– IMPORTANT: change the default configuration folder from “C:ProgramDataGeoXGoKart” to “C:C:ProgramDocumentsGeoXGoKart”.
– Export map function to TANGO GEO-INFO format.
– Fixed bug of ignoring text skew in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD


GoKart 2.1.6

– Adaptation to GstarCAD 2015
– Corrected justification of inserted network description in K-1 (AutoCAD/IntelliCAD)
– Corrected line styles and blocks for culvert (AutoCAD/IntelliCAD, “Principle map” configuration)
– Corrected line styles for gate, gate and culvert (MicroStation, “Principal Map” configuration)
– In the “Principal Map” configuration, an error consisting in incorrectly set default values for the attribute “conductor type” was removed
– The “Principal map” configuration has been adjusted to set the attributes of the “AsLayer” elements (AutoCAD/IntelliCAD)


GoKart 2.1.5

– Added D-19 configuration for drawing railroad maps
– Added tool for drawing foreheads on marked lines
– New lookup plotting tool with text offset
– New toolbar designed for drawing text cross-references
– Added ability to select decimal separator for ordinates in configuration options
– Fixed perceived errors related to window visibility
– Corrected directions of overhead lines targets in Basic Map configuration for MicroStation
– Fixed bug concerning incorrect place of inserting imported maps from GML or Geoportal in MicroStation


GoKart 2.1.2

– Added ability to insert boundaries from Geoportal into the map
– Generation of coordinate lists with codes from the map supports non-conforming files – the code is set according to the layer name


GoKart 2.1.1

– Corrected blocks and cells in the Basic Map configuration
– Building sequence number plotting has been added in the Essential Map configuration
– Improved text reference in AutoCAD
– Improved import tool for elements with AsLayer features in MicroStation


GoKart 2.1

– Support for EGiB, BDSOG, PRPOG, PRG databases
– Import of GML files compliant with the latest ordinances
– Transfer of map redaction in GML plki (KR_ObiektKarto object)
– New attribute value selection window with possibility to filter available dictionary values
– Possibility to view attribute values for DWG files created with Mapa_SG program
– Optimized function of land cover area search when exporting to GML
– Ability to export to GML objects without attributes (useful when converting to the latest vector ordinances from other maps, for example, K-1 compliant)
– Improved plotting of wickets and gates in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Export of vectors to EwMapa format in K-1’98 configurations
– Improved K-1’98 configurations, for example, for some elements plotting of the element with description has been introduced
– Possibility to create a map with attributes in truncated versions of MicroStation (Bentley Redline, Bentley Navigator) – saving of attributes is realized in an external file
– Support for the latest versions of CAD programs, including AutoCAD 2015


GoKart 2.0

– Refreshed appearance
– Adaptation of the program to the latest versions of CAD platforms
– Compliance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of February 12, 2013 on the database of geodetic records of land development networks, the database of topographic objects and the principal map
– Interactive catalog of base map objects according to the new regulation
– Ability to export BDOT500 and GESUT databases to GML
– New attribute window for entering database information
– Automatic description of conductors based on stored attributes
– Mechanism of automatic detection of land cover areas during export to GML
– Ability to plot both vector and object maps, depending on the configuration used
– New map frame template for design purposes (according to GUGiK)
– Facilitation when drawing orthogonal objects (e.g. buildings) and elongated objects (e.g. wire outlines)
– Added new commands in the context menu of the element drawing icon, allowing the selection of different drawing modes (other than the default)
– Generation of a list of mapped points with codes
– Generation of a list of “free” points
– Ability to set a custom text style for working points
– New “Info” button in the configuration selection window to display information specific to the selected configuration
– Option to embed line style definitions in the drawing (MicroStation)
– Automatic loading of missing line and multiline style definitions in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Use of MText masking to insert wire descriptions in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Support for block attributes in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– New frame templates have been included in the “Winmap” configuration, and the old frame and file templates have been left as an option during installation
– Support for operating systems older than Windows XP has been terminated


GoKart 1.42

Download GoKart v1.42
– Corrected detection of Bricscad v13 and MicroStation v7
– Fixed incorrect angle size error when rotating selected elements.


GoKart 1.41

– Cooperation with progeCAD 2013 and Bricscad v13
– Several bugs have been fixed.


GoKart 1.4

– Cooperation with ZwCAD+
– A new option in the menu “Tools – Map processing – Adjust map to loaded configuration” allows automatic scaling of the map, including replacement of styles, line thicknesses, symbols, text sizes
– A new “Working…” button on the “Coordinates” tab allows loading coordinates from selected tables into the drawing, in the form of point numbers and ordinates, with the insertion point corresponding to the point coordinate. Texts are plotted according to the settings on the “Options – Configuration” tab. Using the “Working Coordinates” toolbar, we can zoom in and out of the inscriptions and turn on and off the layers on which they are placed
– In the configuration settings (tab “Options – Configuration”), the option “Group fills” has been added. Enabling this option combines elements such as slopes, stairs, etc. into one composite element (group). In AutoCAD / IntelliCAD, we can additionally decide whether elements are to be combined into a group (GROUP) or a block
– Improved the operation of the element import option – the tool now allows the replacement of block / cell definitions.
– Added missing road surface types
– Improved block definition for WSP symbol
– Improved map import from attached coordinate tables with codes
– Improved operation of the text link plotting function in AutoCAD / IntelliCAD
– In the “Grid Generator”, in addition to plotting a grid of crosses, it is now possible to generate a sectional division for a selected area of the map
– Corrected errors in the operation of the mechanism that recognizes map emblems and calculates section size
– The tool for translation of ordinates has been modified. Now, in addition to translating by a fixed value, it is also possible to update the selected ordinates based on the attached coordinate tables
– Other corrections and improvements


GoKart 1.35

– Improved interoperability with the latest CAD environments
– Improved algorithm for drawing scarp slope,
– New tool for drawing foreheads,
– Fixed bug in section generation in 2000 layout,
– Fixed crashing errors in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD,
– Fixed “invalid element type” error occurring when working in MicroStation.


GoKart 1.33

– Better cooperation with 32/64bit AutoCAD/Civil 2010-2012, progeCAD 2011, ZWCAD 2011 and 2012, GstarCAD 2011 and 2012, Bricscad V12
– Automatic map plotting based on coordinates with codes
– New tool for manual interpolation of contours
– Adjusted file exchange tool (link editing) to work in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Added option to retrieve ordinate from model if point is missing from database
– Added several new elements in K1-98 configuration: floor description next to manholes and floor description for manhole/duct element, one-click plotting of lamppost and pole symbols, design building
– Several other corrections and improvements.


GoKart 1.32

– Better cooperation with GstarCAD 2010 and 2011, ZwCAD 2010 and 2011, AutoCAD 2010 and 2011
– New templates in the Frame Generator
– New element import tool
– Added missing overhead line symbols in K-1’95 configuration for AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Introduced automatic program activation via the Internet.


GoKart 1.31

– Fixing errors related to the input of non-standard symbol scales and texts.


GoKart v1.3

– Added tool for creating floor descriptions
– Added tool for creating wire descriptions
– Map processing and K-1 ’95 configuration available in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Adjustment to create map in 3D
– Adjustment to work with GstarCAD 2010 and ZwCAD 2010


GoKart v1.22

– Adapting the program to work with Bricscad v10
– Improved plotting of multiple symbols and texts in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Possibility to introduce additional scaling factors for texts and symbols
– Added support for “*.lin” files in AutoCAD/IntelliCAD
– Added automatic drawing of overhead lines directions
– Improved operation of the “Frame Generator”
– Other improvements


GoKart v1.2

– adjusting the program to work in Windows 7
– changed the location of the CFG folder
– improved configuration files
– improved cooperation with IntelliCAD/AutoCAD
– added prototype file of the 2000 layout for Winmapa configuration
– added option to check for program updates


GoKart v1.1

– Added support for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD


GoKart v1.05

– Fixed bugs spotted in version 1.04


GoKart v1.04

– Fixed bugs spotted in version 1.03


GoKart v1.03

– Fixed bugs spotted in version 1.02


GoKart v1.02

– Fixed bugs spotted in version 1.01


GoKart v1.01

– Fixed bugs spotted in version 1.0


GoKart v1.0

– First version of the program for MicroStation v7 and v8

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